Lighthouse Stoneware Coffee Mugs

EBLS Coffee Mugs

East Brother Light Station

Accent on color! Special two-color hand glazed stone ware mugs featuring East Brother Light Station. These mugs are hand thrown by a master potter on a potter's wheel and handled by over 24 pairs of hands in its creation.

The "Glaze Engraving™" is an exclusive process in which the original art is cut directly into the clay and filled with glaze showing even minute details.

Lead and cadmium free, micro-wave, dishwasher, oven and freezer safe; very durable. Each cup is hand dipped for the final two tone effect and will have varied effects. Great gift idea for the lighthouse collector or home use.

Navy w/ white top
Plum w/ Lilac white top

Price: $18.95 each - FREE Shipping

EBLS Coffee Mugs

EBLS Stoneware Mugs

EBLS Navy & White
Price - $ 18.95   S/H FREE

EBLS Plumb & White
Price - $ 18.95    S/H FREE